Dec 26, 2005

Greatest albums ever!

These are my fav albums till date :

The Bends ( Radiohead) : Well there is no other album where each and every song is atleast 10 out of 10.This is a kind of album which you can listen to 3 times a day every day for a month and still not get bored. With intoxicating voice of Thom Yorke you just can't get enough of it. Be it the ultimate melody of High and Dry or the unforgettable guitar riff of sulk or the haunting sound of street spirit everything about this album is too perfect. Radiohead again proves that when it comes to music the yankees can't even come close to the Brits.

Best songs: High and Dry , My Iron Lung, Black Star, Fake Plastic Trees, Street Spirit(this one also has one of the best videos I have seen), Bones,Sulk,nice dream ..... every goddam song.

Wish You Were Here( Pink Floyd) :Effectively this album has only 4 songs ; but with the 23 minute epic shine on you crazy diamond you don't need anyting else. And then there is the most recognizable guitar riff of PF in wish you were here and the awesomely different have a cigar. Even welcome to the machine is good but in comparison to other beauties on this album this one fades out.

Pink Floyd is indeed the greatest band on earth.

Ten(Pearl Jam) : I have great respect for this band from Seattle. In my opinion this is the most complete rock group. Every member is a GOD in his field be it eddie on vocals or gossard or mccready on guitars or jack/dave/matt on drums or jeff on bass...and from this complete band we probably have the most complete rock album ever. Vocals on every song ( especially Black) are simply breathtaking and the guitar solos of Alive or Garden are awesome.There are songs on the softer side like release and the ultimate rockers like evenflow and why go.Unfortunately this was their debut album and I can definitely say that they would never be able to create an album of such high calibre ever.

Best songs: Black, Alive,Garden, Evenflow,Release, Why Go

Antichrist Superstar(Marilyn Manson) : Mark my words: This is the best hard rock/metal album that has ever come or that will ever come.First things first : God/Government fearing guys are bound to get offended by this album. You can love this album or you can hate this album but you can't be indifferent to this album. This the most controversial album from one of the most controversial band is often even blamed for teenage suicides (see Bowling for Columbine for some MM bashing).No wonder this US band is banned to perform in probably half of the US states itself and no wonder whenever MM is performing reflecting god on stage there are as many people opposing the performance outside the arena as there are in the arena( jobless people!!)...Mind you its not all hoopla....Antichrist superstar has most amazing riffs and seriously intelligent lyrics( well again ..lyrics are meant to shock you). Perfect headbanging material!

Best songs: The beautiful people, Reflecting God, Irresponsible Hate anthem, Antichrist superstar, 1996....

Nevermind(Nirvana) : Well I am little sentimental about this album ,because this brought me into rock fulltime. Smells like teen spirit is still my fav song.Nirvana I think was a pretty average band barring this album...But let me warn you this album is like cocaine..if you don't listen to it frequently you get bad dreams in the night.The tunes , the lyrics ...are all addictive.
Kurt vocals are amazing.There are two types of shouting in rock songs : controlled shouting and full blown shouting. Kurt could do both of them with super ease. If you dont believe me listen to lounge act and terristorial pissings.

Best Songs: Smells Like teen spirit, Lounge act, In bloom,something in the way,come as you are, terristorial pissings,lithium.

Dark Side of the Moon(Pink Floyd) : Come on...DARK SIDE OF THE MOON has to be there in any list in any corner of this world. This is real awe-inspiring music. One thing : you have to listen to the whole album in one go otherwise it loses its charm.As soon as you start with speak to me/breathe you instantly know that some brilliant stuff is about to follow.Although Money seems little out of place but the sax and the guitar solos take you to a different world.
Warning: you might lose track of time and your mind while listening to this. The whole experience is like travelling in time and you don't give a damn to other mundane stuff in your life. Wonderul!

4(Led Zeppelin) : 80% of the current bands have evolved from Led Zeppelin. And this fourth album is quintessential rock.It might take you a little time to appreciate this album but as they say ( or as I say) if you haven't listened to Led Zepp 4 you haven't listened to rock or if you have listened to Led Zepp 4 you have listened to whole of rock.Unique vocals of Plant or the guitar of Page are out of this world.

Best songs: Stairway to heaven, Black Dog, Misty Mountain Hop, Four sticks

And then there are other great albums :

Dirt(Alice in Chains)
OK Computer(Radiohead)
Rust in Peace(Megadeth)
The Man Who(Travis)
The Wall(Pink Floyd)
Who's Next(The Who)
Paranoid(Black Sabbath)
Images and Words(Dream Theater)
Ride the Lightning(Metallica)
Core(Stone Temple Pilots)
Vs(Pearl Jam)
2(Led Zeppelin)
Bring it On(Gomez)
Californication(Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Angel Dust(Faith No More)
Back in Black(AC/DC)
Meddle(Pink Floyd)
Purple(Stone Temple Pilots)
Number of the Beast(Iron Maiden)


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