Dec 29, 2005

The Final Theory: Rethinking Our Scientific Legacy

This is the title of a new science book and I have to say I am very curious about it.
It rubbishes all the present scientific theories ....all means all :gravitation (Obviously), relativity, electromagnetism ,quantum mechanics....everything and says that einstein,newton,faraday were all jerks.Best part it is that Mark McCutcheon proposes his own new revolutionary theory that explains all the flaws in the present science.I read some of the publicity stunts for the book and I have to say they were pretty interesting. These are some excerpts from that article,lets see if you have some explanation :

Q: Light slows as it passes through water or
glass, causing it to bend, but how can it
return to light-speed on its own once it exits?

A: This is impossible in today's science. No object in nature
can speed up of its own accord after being slowed. A bullet
doesn't spontaneously speed up after it is slowed by passing
through a wooden block, so how does a photon of light
mysteriously return to its original speed once it exits a glass
block? Also, continuously shining a light beam through a glass
block will heat it, creating the further mystery that the beam
actually loses energy as it passes through the glass, yet still
manages to accelerate to its original speed upon exit. Today's
science cannot explain this mysterious everyday occurrence.

Q: If our universe isn't the bizarre place Einstein
claimed it is, why is there apparently so much
experimental support?

A: Mistakes, logical errors, and coincidence explains
much of this. It is easy to show that these factors create the
illusion of support in both physical experiments and thought
experiments. Let's examine some of the evidence:

The Twin Paradox Thought Experiment

Ever heard the one about the astronaut who speeds off in a
spaceship, only to return to Earth shortly to find that his twin
brother is now an old man? If you thought this concept was very
odd when you first heard it, you were right. Not only is it against
common sense, but even Einstein's theory, which was used to
invent this story, shows that it falls apart upon closer examination.
Since all speed is relative we could instead consider the Earth
as speeding away from the stationary spacecraft. This is just
as valid a view of the situation, yet doing so brings the opposite
result -- the twin in the spaceship would be an old man. Two
completely different unresolvable outcomes occur simply based
on how we think about the situation, which is clearly impossible.

Ask a physicist to address this fatal flaw and you'll simply be
told there are other complications to consider -- related to the
spaceship's initial acceleration up to its coasting speed as per
Einstein's General Relativity Theory -- which you wouldn't
understand -- and the matter will be discussed no further.

The author claims that after we read this book we'll have totally new perception of how apples fall or how a magnet attracts the pins.I am not sure what the credibility of this new theory will be but i can definitely give it a try.And anyway now since I have ditched Science forever ( no there is no confusion whether management is art or science) I can afford to forget whatever I have learnt in science till now.
If anybody has soft copy/hard copy of this book please send it to me.

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